Learning a new framework from scratch is hard

You invested thousands of hours learning Rails and how to master its features to build web applications.

This book will help you to learn Phoenix, using the knowledge you already have.

Coming on December 13, 2017.

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What you'll learn

The Phoenix for Rails Developers will walk you through the development of a complete web application. It will teach you how to build the different layers of that application and comprehend how they interact with each other.

Rails developers will learn how to use the knowledge they already have to build web applications using Phoenix.

About the author

I am Elvio Vicosa (@elviovicosa). I have been working with Rails for almost a decade. I worked on large-scale Rails projects at ThoughtWorks and helped startups to build their products using Rails.

As CTO at volders, I have been working together with my team to migrate our existing Rails projects to Phoenix.

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